Habitat Modelling


  • Design and analysis of radio-telemetry surveys
  • Modelling of habitat selection of animal populations such as boreal caribou, grizzly bears, wolverines, songbirds, ducks,  and white-tail deer
  • Other multivariate techniques to examine habitat associations

Selected Projects

Estimation of the zone of influence of mines on caribou distribution Government of Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, NWT.   Habitat (RSF) models based upon aerial survey and satellite collar data were used to estimate displacement of caribou from mine areas during the summer season.

Use of DNA mark-recapture data to model habitat associations and estimate population size of grizzly bears.   Habitat (RSF) models were developed from data collected from  DNA hair-snag sites located in Alberta.  These models were used to estimate population size to similar areas that were not sampled.

Development of habitat models for boreal caribou in the Northwest Territories, Wildlife and Fisheries Division, Yellowknife NWT, CA.   RSF habitat models based upon aerial survey were developed to explain distribution of boreal caribou.

Winter Habitat Selection by White-tail Deer in the Pend d’Oreille Valley, Columbia Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson, BC, CA.  Winter habitat selection by white-tailed deer was assessed from 20 years of pellet group plots in the Pend d’Oreille Reservoir area.  Generalized linear models and generalized estimating equations were used for habitat selection analysis.