Integrated Ecological Research is an independent environmental consulting service based in Nelson, British Columbia. We specialize in the integration of field biology with modern statistical techniques as applied to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. We implement projects where the design, field collection and analysis of data is done in a collaborative effort between field biologists and statisticians. This approach maximizes the realism and applicability of analyses as well as giving statistical direction to field efforts.  We have a substantial background in ecology, field biology, and statistics which allows us to apply statistical methods with knowledge of the ecology of organisms being studied, the constraints and limits of fieldwork, and the assumptions of statistical methods.

At IER, we use and develop cutting-edge statistical tools  for a variety of communities including; wildlife, plant, water quality, macroinvertebrate, periphyton and fisheries. We use modern statistical methods including open and spatially explicit mark-recapture models, count-based analyses, distance sampling, habitat selection analyses, and multivariate statistics to address a range of conservation issues.   Results from many of our past projects have been published in peer-reviewed journals to maximize benefit of our work to broader audiences.