Aquatic Sciences


  • Water quality monitoring projects
  • Biomonitoring of macroinvertebrates
  • Sediment issues and fisheries values
  • Forestry related baseline studies
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Effluent and discharge monitoring for approval review
  • Drinking water source protection
  • Contaminants in sediment and water
  • Nutrient dynamics
  • Environmental Education

 Representative Projects

Development of indicators of wetland health using invertebrates as a Sampling inverts Darcie & Jenbasis to prioritize wetlands & their water resources for restoration and conservation in collaboration with the Slocan Valley Wetland Assessment
& Mapping project (SWAMP) with technical guidance from Environment Canada’s CABIN program.

Water quality and macroinvertebrate assessment of Harrop/Mill and Narrows Creeks for Harrop-Procter Community Forest, Harrop-Procter. The goal of this program was to monitor baseline watershed conditions. We assessed trends in water quality and hydrometrics related to forest development and conducted macroinvertebrate community assessments in three different reports.

Elko dam headpond ramping study: Suspended-sediment levels and fish stranding were evaluated with respect to headpond drawdown rates at the Elko facility for BC Hydro, Castlegar.  Operational rules were developed to minimize induced suspended-sediment in the headpond and downstream of the dam.

Continental Mine Environmental Impact Assessment of downstream effects on macroinvertebrate assemblages, water and sediment quality of Boundary Creek and Kootenay River for MoE, Nelson, B.C.  The effects of  historical mining were evaluated for surface water quality, sediment quality and the macroinvertebrate community  both upstream and downstream of the Continental Mine.

Meadow Creek spawning channel gravel cleaning and sediment monitoring for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson.  This study determined the effects of scarification on levels of induced turbidity and estimated the total tonnage of sediment removed.  The project also evaluated the effects of resuspended sediment on fish and fish habitat within the channel.

Hill Creek spawning channel scarification and sediment monitoring for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson.  IER examined the effects of scarification on induced turbidity, changes in particle sizes and embeddedness of Hill Creek stream bed.  We also evaluated the effects of resuspension of sediment on fish and fish habitat within the spawning channel and downstream of the channel.  Recommendations were made to optimize scarification operations and sediment management techniques in order to mitigate possible impacts of the procedure.

Environmental Impact Assessment of sewage treatment facility for Canadian Mountain Holidays Bugaboo Lodge for Kucera Engineers Ltd., Golden.