• Community level design and statistical analysis of multiple species including rare species
  • Development of regional biodiversity survey methods
  • Occupancy modelling
  • Presence/absence monitoring
  • Movement and dispersal of listed species
  • Population viability analyses and small populations

Selected Projects

Sampling and collection of invertebrates representing the biodiversity of fauna from wetlands of the Slocan Valley, BC. in collaboration with the Royal BC Museum,  the Slocan Valley Wetland Assessment and Mapping Program (SWAMP) and Rhithron.

 An evaluation of the effects of road mortality on the dispersal and population of the Western Toad at Summit Lake in collaboration with Jakob Dulisse  for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson, BC.

Analysis of Columbia River floodplain songbird communities, Columbia Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Nelson, BC, CA.  Songbird community response to flooding of habitat areas was analysed in the Revelstoke area of the Columbia River.  Program MARK was used to analyze songbird community data. 

Regional biodiversity survey methods for the province of British Columbia Resource Inventory Committee including optimal statistical analyses, inventory and habitat assessment methods, province-wide inference and standard inventory methods for large terrestrial carnivores.